Podcast 167

Economy News. The US Economy Contracts 2.9 Per Cent. The ‘economy’ is back at the top of the page as final revised numbers for the 1st quarter indicate a shocking contraction in US GDP. Will the second quarter be better, the same or worse? If you listen to the mainstream media, the White House and the ¬†financial channels, you’d think it’s all because of the polar vortex and the long winter. Is it? Or is it due to reductions in investment, the creation of part time jobs, Obamacare, higher corporate taxes, new tax policy implementation and generally misdirected or confused economic policy by President Obama and the Democrat Congress before 2010? What kind of economic policy does the US need to achieve dynamic and rapid economic growth? How are democrats and republicans off in the weeds, with seemingly no idea how to achieve such growth. What do voters need to do to get things righted in 2014? It’s all here in one little podcast! Sponsored by Baklund R & D.¬†