Podcast 179

Updates on all the big stories. Thanks for all the emails and comments about Podcast 178, outlining the very latest facts on the MH-17 story. This is one of the things podcasting allows us to do very well. Updates for the week continue with the latest on the MH-17 story. Allegations about MH-17 swirl while the President eats hamburgers and hits the hustings to raise money. What do we know about this story and what is conjecture? What can the US do, and what IS the president doing? What about Europe? Meanwhile the crash site in the Ukraine is under the control of ‘Drunken Separatists’ (which sounds like a band name). Actor James Garner of ‘The Rockford Files’ fame is dead at 86. The upper midwest is under a heat advisory, which means heat and humidity and uncomfortable Minnesotans. Think there’s no inflation? Why are two pairs of jeans that used to be 40 dollars suddenly 130 dollars! Sponsored by X Government Cars!