Podcast 187

Romney? Again? A podcast that started out as a ‘start-your-week-off’ update detoured into pet peeves about right/left politics in the US today, moderate republicans, progressive democrats and the coverage of nothing but rhetoric, even in entertainment news. As more and more Americans get Obama Care the law is becoming more unpopular. Is Obama Care going to become a symbol of ‘Government Gone Wild’ throughout the political spectrum? A teaching moment? The Kennedy’s are ‘Kingmakers’? Really? They can’t seem to decide if they want Bill and Hillary Clinton, or Senator Elizabth Warren, who complains constantly about the ‘one percent’. Odd that she is spending time at Hyannis Port with the most one percent of the one percent crowd; The Kennedy’s. Retch. The Russians chased a US RC-135 spy plane out of international airspace. And what do Federal workers do when they get bored (they seem to be bored a lot). Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul.