Turning-Off-FB-Comments-Bob Davis Podcast 869

Turn Off The Comments

First of all if you use FaceBook for friends and family good for you. If you’re a political-social content creator, engagement through comments may not be a great idea these days. Learn more in Turning-Off-FB-Comments-Bob Davis Podcast 869.

Is It Really All About Engagement?

It’s especially relevant that social media experts tell businesses to seek out what they call ‘engagement’. Likes. Shares. Especially comments.

Political Social Content Creators Beware

These are great suggestions for wilderness guide services or seamstresses and hardware stores.

In contrast for content creators in the political and social sphere comments can be a huge problem. Listeners and subscribers know I have long had my issues with social media. Especially my favorite whipping boy FaceBook.

Take Action

After years of struggling with abusive, bullying and ignorant comments on my FaceBook business page I recently took action.

Unique Challenges

Content creators in the political arena have unique challenges when it comes to engagement. Especially on FaceBook. It’s time to talk about doing something about trolls, bullies and ignoramuses.

How’s Your Feeds?

Has suppressing comments on my page had a negative effect on engagement on my website or on my feeds? Learn more in Turning-Off-FB-Comments-Bob Davis Podcast 869.

My Way Or The Highway

Moreover is this a free speech issue? I say when it comes to social media pages, your role as an administrator of your page takes precedence. It’s your way, or the highway.

What Kind Of Engagement Do You Want?

Certainly I talked to advertising and social media experts before making this decision. In the end it comes down to what kind of engagement the creator wants. Do you want clicks to your website or more FaceBook likes.

No Snark Zone

Even more, users seldom bother to read, watch or listen to content. In contrast they don’t seem to have any problem dishing the snark on the content they didn’t read, watch or listen to, anyway.

Lock It Down

What does a creator do? I’ve decided to make commenting on my pages very difficult unless I know you personally.

We Have To Solve This Problem

Seems like it’s necessary to point out – again – that social media has become a fertile ground for manipulating the masses.

New laws and breaking up the social media giants won’t solve this.

We have to.

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Turning-Off-FB-Comments-Bob Davis Podcast 869


Greg S

I do not own a business, but challenge the notion that one should even have a Facebook account. I think it’s pretty trashy for companies to only have an internet presence via Facebook (obviously not a problem for you).

I joined Facebook in college when it was just for college students and I deleted my account over a year ago. I tried ignoring/muting certain people’s posts etc. Besides that, I felt like I was wasting time using FB (and I’m better at abstaining than moderating). I’ve got my real life to live. I wasn’t really connecting/interacting with my friends on there. Instead I just knew of what they were doing and thought I was connected.

Deleting my account has been very positive and I absolutely do not miss it. I have even talked with and visited some friends in person with whom I’m certain I wouldn’t have if I had stayed on. I know my situation isn’t the same as yours. However, I recommend to anyone, don’t use Facebook.

Bob Davis

Great to hear from you Greg. Yeah. I don’t think it’s the platform. I think it’s the nature of how we engage in political talk in this country, largely adversarial and without any intelligent discussion. It just extends to social media.

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