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  • Authentic-Self-Ego-Driven-World-Bob Davis Podcast 861
    Authentic-Self-Ego-Driven-World-Bob Davis Podcast 861Inspired By A Random Conversation I wasn’t going to do this podcast. Then I had a most noteworthy random conversation and it convinced me I was on the right track. Learn more when you listen to Authentic-Self-Ego-Driven-World-Bob Davis Podcast 861. No Bitching and Moaning Moreover I certainly did not want to do another podcast bitching and moaning about ... Read more
  • Full Moon-Walk-Change-Bob Davis Podcast 824
    Full Moon-Walk-Change-Bob Davis Podcast 824A second full moon in Libra in one month suggests change. For some it might mean enforced change. We’ll talk about it in Full Moon-Walk-Change-Bob Davis Podcast 824. Pink Moon These days every natural event seems to have to have a name. The end of April 2019’s full moon is ‘The Pink Moon‘. Walk And Talk With no wind ... Read more
  • Finding Happiness-Bob Davis Podcast 814
    Finding Happiness-Bob Davis Podcast 814When it comes to politics these days, it’s hard to find happiness. Especially when it comes to how things really work and true believers. We’ll talk about it in Finding Happiness-Bob Davis Podcast 814. Omar’s Tweet Storm Minnesota’s 5th District Congressman Ilhan Omar started a firestorm  because of a tweet regarding a Vox story that questioned Israeli ... Read more
  • Winter Stories-Grand Solar Minimum-Bob Davis Podcast 810
    Winter Stories-Grand Solar Minimum-Bob Davis Podcast 810These days almost everyone across the US thinks their winter has been cold. People in the Upper Midwest have really experienced cold. Especially relevant? It may be about to get a lot colder. Learn more in Winter Stories-Grand Solar Minimum-Bob Davis Podcast 810. Solar Cycle 25 Ever since Rudolf Wolf started measuring solar cycles back in 1755 ... Read more
  • Focus-Johantgen Jewelers-Crystal Minnesota-Bob Davis Business Blog
    Focus-Johantgen Jewelers-Crystal Minnesota-Bob Davis Business BlogMy From The Bunker Blog is back with a focus on local business. My first local business blog is about my friend Todd Johantgen, at Johantgen Jewelers in Crystal. Check it out! Read more
    PLEASE STAND BYI planned to make a special announcement over three weeks ago. Now, that I am on the verge of being able to make the announcement. I can’t work. I can’t think, until this gets done! The good news is, when I do announce it, I think most listeners and subscribers to the Bob Davis Podcasts ... Read more
  • Write when you first wake up.
    Write when you first wake up.They say you should write as soon as you get up in the morning. Sometimes calls, emails and interruptions make it impossible to stay in that perfect, just-woke-up creative state. Read more
  • If Nothing Changes…
    If Nothing Changes...When the politicians in Washington see permanent, action oriented organizations in control of large blocks of money and votes, they’ll be singing your tune and they’ll keep singing it. Read more
  • Morning In America
    Morning In America“We thought it wouldn’t be, couldn’t be, fixed. Then came Reagan, with a sunny disposition and a belief he knew what was wrong and how to fix it. He knew it because he had lived and breathed it night after night on factory floors, read it on long train and plane trips, and spoke ... Read more
  • The Media is the Message
    The Media is the MessageLots of talk about moral decay these days. Could it be caused by a decay in the dollar? Check out the latest ‘From the Bunker’ post, and let me know what you think. Read more

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