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  • Ethical-Dentistry-Reflections-Dental-Care
    A Patient Focused Solution To A Complicated and Expensive Process These days paying for health and dental care is complicated and expensive. Learn more about Ethical-Dentistry-Reflections-Dental-Care here. Reflections Dental Care Eases The Burden Even more adding dental care to your insurance can be a burden too. From The Bunker Blog Gives Readers Options Firstly every now and then I like ...
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  • Concern-For-Animals-Inspires-Flourishes
    Concern For Neighborhood Pets After Fireworks Concern for animals inspired me to blog about a friend’s non profit called Inspire and Flourish. This fourth of July weekend I couldn’t believe the intensity of neighborhood fireworks. Neighborhoods Were Popping Firstly without full community fireworks this year it seemed like everyone in the neighborhoods put on their own displays! Not So ...
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  • New-Remedies-For-World-Without-Touch
    We’re living through an epidemic of Loneliness. Healthy and Safe Touch doesn’t just help during lock downs during Corona. My friend Dawn Bennett – an expert in a technique called ‘tapping’ – shows us how touch can help with so many other things. Free your mind, and the rest will follow. Learn more in my ...
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  • Focus-Johantgen Jewelers-Crystal Minnesota-Bob Davis Business Blog
    Focus-Johantgen Jewelers-Crystal Minnesota-Bob Davis Business Blog
    My From The Bunker Blog is back with a focus on local business. My first local business blog is about my friend Todd Johantgen, at Johantgen Jewelers in Crystal. Check it out!
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    I planned to make a special announcement over three weeks ago. Now, that I am on the verge of being able to make the announcement. I can’t work. I can’t think, until this gets done! The good news is, when I do announce it, I think most listeners and subscribers to the Bob Davis Podcasts ...
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  • Write when you first wake up.
    Write when you first wake up.
    They say you should write as soon as you get up in the morning. Sometimes calls, emails and interruptions make it impossible to stay in that perfect, just-woke-up creative state.
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  • If Nothing Changes…
    If Nothing Changes...
    When the politicians in Washington see permanent, action oriented organizations in control of large blocks of money and votes, they’ll be singing your tune and they’ll keep singing it.
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  • Morning In America
    Morning In America
    “We thought it wouldn’t be, couldn’t be, fixed. Then came Reagan, with a sunny disposition and a belief he knew what was wrong and how to fix it. He knew it because he had lived and breathed it night after night on factory floors, read it on long train and plane trips, and spoke ...
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  • The Media is the Message
    The Media is the Message
    Lots of talk about moral decay these days. Could it be caused by a decay in the dollar? Check out the latest ‘From the Bunker’ post, and let me know what you think.
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  • A Better Way To Communicate
    A Better Way To Communicate
    A piece I wrote for a local magazine recently, introducing podcasts to people who still listen to the radio. Keep Reading…
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