If Nothing Changes…

If nothing changes…nothing changes

So the saying goes.

If you are immersed in cable news, talk radio, local TV and network news or the latest developments on line, big things are happening.

Podium Pounding, roundtable shout downs, snark-fests, social media memes and constant ‘analysis’ obscures more than it reveals. Each outrage is quickly forgotten in the rush to judgement over the next outrage.

Our modern media thrives on creating the idea that every event has great significance. The more negative and frightening, the better. As any thoughtful student of history knows, true significance is usually obvious only in retrospect.

Media today reduces our perspective, encouraging an overall sense of uncertainty and fear. We worry about problems we can’t control and ignore what we have control over.

In 2014 the ‘Right’ has been conditioned to expect huge victories. Pundits, experts and analysts are doing what they do best; creating a story line to keep you watching, listening and clicking.

In the real world, polls show candidates in key races within one or two points. It’s not ‘theater’. It’s not ‘funny’. It’s as real as it gets.

So far, it’s not a wave.

Politicians do not get elected, and remain true to the people who elected them, without political organization. ‘Winning the debate’, ‘talking points’, ‘making it funny’, commenting on social media and handing out literature on constitutional conventions, may be fun but in the end, doesn’t have much influence in the real world.

We’re in a generational struggle to permanently reduce the power of government in this country. To get this done, Liberty Activists have to shift from rhetoric to action.

This requires organization at the most basic level; Election Judges, Precinct canvassers, driving people to the polls, making sure the ‘talkers’, the ‘lazy’ and infirm vote on election day.

At higher levels, organizations gather and disseminate data on voters, collect money, provide legal support, training, and the right strategies.

The bottom line?

Are you part of a political organization that controls votes and money. If not … why not?

I just traveled across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota.

The trip reminded me what a large and diverse country the United States is, and how different we are from any other country in the world.

I passed through states that are home to powerful cities and businesses, from the ‘Wicked Coffee’ drive-up stand outside Moab Utah, to major corporations in all sorts of industry. I drove through areas of poverty and great wealth, and places that seemed to me to be populated with good, everyday people.

Glib and haughty media charlatans keep pushing their maps and polls in our faces, talking about red and blue, and ‘gridlock’ and telling us why we should despair.

Yet the pundits and experts forget an old saw in politics; Predictions are right, until they’re wrong. In the end, it all comes down to who turns out to vote on election day and who counts those votes.

That’s why organization and action matter.

I think its fair to say that all Americans are concerned about the future of their country. We have different views about different issues. We always have. It has never been condensable into nice little bags called Republican and Democrat.

It never will be.

If you’re tired of business as usual, if you’ve been coming to meetings week after week, if you have talked ’til you’re blue in the face, then you’re ready to take action.

The question is whether you’re ready to ask the question, “What can I do”, rather than tell someone else what they ought to be doing. You can’t build an army in which every man is a colonel. There have to be some privates, corporals and sergeants.

When the politicians in Washington see your permanent, action oriented organizations in control of large blocks of money and votes, they’ll be singing your tune and they’ll keep singing it.

Until then, If nothing changes …

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