Podcast 112

Podcast 112 is your midweek update. Congressman Paul Ryan spoke at the Center for the American Experiment in Minneapolis on Saint Patrick’s day, 2014. Ryan said a lot of good things, and there will be more from this speech in future podcasts, but I take exception with one statement. There is no ‘center right movement’. There’s a liberty and tea party movement, but moderates by definition aren’t a ‘movement’. Plus, where I think flight 370 is, why the west will do nothing about the Russian annexation of Crimea and why inaction is dangerous, the heavy energy of late March and early April. Of course my favorite stories of the week so far, including government mandated ear plugs (only in Minneapolis), Amtrak and the Oasis on the North West tollway in Chicago. Podcast 112 is sponsored by: The Good Feet Store.