Podcast 125

A big tax day 2014 greeting to proponents of the progressive tax code. Let’s get rid of it! Here’s to a flat tax, or a consumption tax with no deductions and no exceptions. From Harry Reid’s misadventure in the desert, to throwing away tax dollars…the power to tax is the issue, not whether or not taxes are too high. And speaking of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s misadventure in the desert, better known as the “Bundy Ranch Standoff” or “Harry Reid Rustles Cattle so his Chinese Pay Masters Can Get The Land”, when does the Senate censure of Reid begin? Should the House of Representatives begin an investigation because the Senate won’t? Or, does the State of Nevada have to force the Senator to resign with its own investigation of his corruption. Plus, my experience of the Blood Moon and updates of all the big stories this week. Sponsored by Sedation and Implant Dentistry of Saint Paul