Podcast 124

The stand off at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada is over, a Blood Moon, and trouble in Ukraine. Here in the Twin Cities, the Met Council is starting to look like the Bureau of Land Management as they pull out all the stops to smooth over progressive officials in Minneapolis proper, in an attempt to ram a train down the throats of the rich people of the Kenwood, Cedar and Lake of the Isles neighborhoods. Oh the jobs! The extra development! The trolley Cars! (Sounds like a children’s book, doesn’t it). Sounds like legal bribery to me. Will newly minted Mayor Hodges fall for it? And if she does, how far will her political future go when the lakes are drained from a tunnel project gone wrong? Plus President Obama’s taxes (He is actually legally avoiding the full tax for his income bracket), and more. Get the top stories to get your week started right. Sponsored by PlanVision. Do you know how much you pay in 401K management fees every year? Does your company’s HR Department know? It could be as much as 2%!  Bumper Music from my friend, Brian Just.