Podcast 172

Start the week off right. Updates on the key stories. Friday brought ‘good news’ with the latest unemployment numbers. More people are employed, but the media seems to want you to believe the economy is ‘roaring’ back. Is this the ‘Recovery Summer’ we’ve been waiting for. Shocking news from the NOAA; Looks like the United States has actually been cooling for the last ten years, debunking the theory that ‘Global Warming’ has caused forest fires out west and tornados in the midwest over the last decade or so. No matter how much James Hansen and Al Gore scream and yell and pound, the new data is not good for the ‘warmists’. Is there a feud between the Obama’s and the Clinton’s? Some say rumors of such a feud are political “BS”. If so why is the President’s right hand Valerie Jarett being dispatched to court Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016? And in the Twin Cities, the Met Council is so hell bent for leather to build the Southwest Light Rail its ‘mediating’ the conflict between two South Minneapolis neighborhoods of one percenters (and loyal democrats) who don’t want it in their backyard. Will the planned tunnel project drain the signature city lakes? Sponsored by X Government Cars