Podcast 316

Midweek Updates. Live from the newsroom at the Bob Davis Podcasts. Bruce Jenner allegedly kills someone and everyone is talking about Brian Williams. Go figure. NBC News still doesn’t know what to do with the news anchor who embellished stories about Iraq, and now apparently Katrina, and whether he saved puppies or not when he ‘was a fireman’. If Williams is forced to leave, NBC will have to write him a check for fifty million dollars. Williams just signed a five year contract with the network for ten million dollars a year, so he might NOT be singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’. Alas, the news media IS crying for Williams. The New York Times says Williams is a victim of ‘false memory’, which apparently a lot of us have. The Minneapolis Star Tribune suggests this is a time for forgiveness. Why are they apologizing for Williams when real reporters – not to mention American servicemen and women – are actually dying when they cover the news, or being beheaded, or something like that. Even more sad news than the fall of a ‘hero’ television presenter is the sad story of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. The Brown family says they’ll remove Bobby from life support today, February 11th, the same day her mother passed. Bobby always said when Whitney died, she lost more than her mom, she lost her best friend. Yet more sad? IRS head John Koskinen says ILLEGAL aliens will be able to receive back earned income tax credit payments for as long as they have been in the US. Millions of illegals could receive millions of dollars in payouts, financed by American Taxpayers. It seems President Obama executive memoranda which amnestied these people neglected to exempt them from such payments, so Koskinen wants to be on the ‘safe side’. Enough to make us want to remove ourselves from life support. A town in Pennsylvania is placing signs at the edge of town that say, “This is NOT a Gun free Zone”, which is driving the gun control zealots into a frenzy. One of them says the signs will mean criminals will shoot first, and that Conoy Township ‘will be like the wild west’. The town says they’ll take that bet. Minnesota Governor Dayton’s struggle with the House over huge pay raises for his commissioners has descended into a battle over whether the Governor will testify. He says he’ll meet with legislators but won’t testify. He also offered to do what he can to increase the pay of legislators! Meanwhile it appears the Republican House has a little  ‘splainin’ to do as well, since GOP operative and House employee Ben Golnick was also given a huge raise and makes over six figures. Sigh. In Michigan legislators are considering a bill which would outlaw subsidies to businesses. It seems Michigan is on the hook for 6 billion dollars in subsidies to auto companies. And you wonder why Detroit is a wasteland. Great idea, by the way. And eggs are good for you! Sponsored by Depotstar


Holland Atkinson

I’ve got a funny yet idiotic little story about how ridiculous the regulation oppression has become and it’s disconnect to available technology. I was at Cub over the weekend and, of course, I was listening to a podcast with one ear-bud in while shopping. I had to go to the pharmacy to get some Claritin D which has the actual pseudoephedrine in it because it’s the only stuff that actually clears my wife’s head. That meant I had to bring the stupid card up to the counter and tell the ladies back there to get the real stuff.
I brought up the card for a 30 pack. Well she takes the card and goes over to the shelf where the drugs are and yell/asks back to me if I wanted generic or name brand. I told her generic was fine. Then she tells me that there’s no 30 pack for generic. I then tell her I’ll take the 20 pack- again no generic. I then ask her to just give me the biggest name brand. I wasn’t really paying too much attention because I was trying to listen to my podcast. At this point I just wanted the largest pack I could get.
She then tells me that she is out of everything except the 10 pack of generic. So I told her- no problem, I’ll just take three of those to equal the 30 I had initially wanted. NOPE! Can’t do it. She could only give me ONE pack of ten. At this point my smoldering anger was starting to boil over and I looked right at her and said, “You were just about to sell me 30 of the name brand and now you can’t sell me 30 because it’s in 10 packs???” The stupid regulation, which makes it impossible to buy multiples of the drug, stepped all over my plan to help my wife’s nasal war.
So they’re trying to tell me that I could watch real-time high definition satellite images of weather patterns in Indonesia, or listen to live lectures from a free course on philosophy from Yale- all on my smart phone, but I can’t get the state to realize I’ve only been in one store to buy drugs today??? They can’t do simple arithmetic???
The regulations can’t keep up with technology and they shouldn’t try in most cases but this just about put me over the edge. Perfect example of how a “good intention” law was put into place and then everyone just forgot to update the program as better tech came along to track these kinds of purchases. And they wonder why we just shake our heads.


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