Are We Getting Dumber-Bob Davis Podcast 813

These days you have to wonder if people are getting dumber. A study done in Norway is the source for much of this discussion. We’ll talk about it in Are We Getting Dumber-Bob Davis Podcast 813.

IQ Down Eight Points

The Norwegian study says IQ scores of young men have been decreasing for three generations. IQ scores in this study are down as much as 8 points. More in Are We Getting Dumber-Bob Davis Podcast 813.

‘Merica Below Average

A recent study to assess adult competencies places Americans below international averages. Moreover the study shows Americans have problems problem solving in a technology rich environment. For example, making change and sorting email.

Why Are We Dumber?

Especially relevant is the discussion of what the decline in IQ scores is due to. Is it the environment? Our diet? Technology? Should we be measuring intelligence differently? Grading on a curve? We’ll talk about it in Are We Getting Dumber-Bob Davis Podcast 813.

Flat Earth, Sovereign Citizens and Vegans

I take a look at some features of our society that make me wonder. From Flat Earther’s to Sovereign Citizens, Vegans and people who are convinced the world has 12 years of existence left. (Big fun to be had watching Sovereign Citizens getting owned. Click here.)

Social Media Makes You Dumb. Among Other Things.

The most noteworthy example of lower intelligence is social media. Certainly this is one of my favorite punching bags. Furthermore one needs only to spend half an hour scanning Twitter or FaceBook to become convinced of the demise of Western Civilization.

Cause Science, Dude

Finally Science is usually the go to defense for almost any assertion. Truth is, science is often wrong, and for decades. I was surprised by the number of smart people fooled by ‘science’ and the findings of ‘scientists’.

How Do We Get Smarter?

In conclusion the real question is how do we get smarter? I did some research and certainly diet and exercise are big factors. So are certain activities including community, working with others and being open to new ideas. For men, raising testosterone levels can’t hurt either. I’ll give you a list to think about in Are We Getting Dumber-Bob Davis Podcast 813.

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Are We Getting Dumber-Bob Davis Podcast 813

Podcast 176

Midweek updates on the big stories. What is Obama’s end game with immigration? The Highway Trust Fund will hit empty in August, unless Congress ‘does something’. How about passing a law that says one hundred percent of the money in the Trust Fund has to be used for highways, not trains, buses, bike trails and ‘affordable’ housing along LRT lines…and not to prop up bankrupt transit departments. Think the President will sign that? Compare how two different news services come away with two completely different stories out of the same economic news. Farmers have already lost millions of dollars on grain from 2013 that hasn’t been shipped. Why? Because Warren Buffett’s trains are hauling oil rather than grain. This is why we wanted the Keystone Pipeline built. Oh yeah, Warren is good friends with President Obama. Weird, huh? What happens when someone tries to cancel their Comcast service? In this podcast a short clip of a bitchy customer ‘service’ rep, but the whole debacle went on for 45 minutes. Want to know what’s wrong with America? This is a start. And, thanks for your patience as we upgrade to new software, with associated learning curve struggles. Sponsored by X Government Cars