Podcast 79

A lot to think about this on the weekend before Thanksgiving, 2013. The 50th commemoration of the JFK assassination, the difference between a Senate rule, tradition and the US Constitution, the developing dud that is Comet ISON, and more. And, one of the things I’ve have wanted to prepare for is covering a story as it is happening, on the scene. As a family emergency calls me to Virginia, I get to see what will be required to leave the broadcast bunker at a moment’s notice. This is a test of this system. Sponsored by the incrediwearstore.com.

Podcast 78

Start your Monday off with a heads up on the big political stories this week. As we work our way toward Thanksgiving, everyone will be talking about Obama Care. Will Healthcare.gov get fixed by the end of November? A new poll shows the President’s approval ratings in trouble, in many key areas. What will the key issues of the 2014 election cycle be? What should the Republican strategy be? Can the Democrats salvage this. What are they already doing? Get ahead of this week’s news cycle now with Podcast 78! Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul.

Podcast 77

What’s happened to your favorite local radio station? Digital competition is starting to impact radio, and the news is not good. Podcasting, streaming and on line radio is coming into its own — and very quickly. Podcast 77 talks about how radio is rated, how radio’s business model is killing creativity, how podcasting is becoming the new talk radio, why it can help advertisers and why you should buy podcast advertising now, and especially in the future, as this new media starts to take hold. Sponsored by www.xgovernmentcars.com.