Podcast 106

The conversation with John Tamny, editor of RealClearMarkets and Forbes continues. More on the Federal Reserve, BitCoin, Sound Money, the US Dollar, Inequality, His Holiness The Pope of Rome, the Podcast revolution and much more. For people looking for substantive discussion about economics this is your podcast. You won’t find this kind of conversation on talk radio anywhere in the United States. This is Part 2 of John’s interview with Bob Davis. Sponsored by XGovernmentcars.


Podcast 105

Thrilled to have John Tamny join me for a discussion about economic issues. John is editor of RealClearMarkets.com and editor of political economics at Forbes. In Part 1, we talk about how the US economy is doing, the Federal Reserve, Sound Money, Dollar Strength, Free Trade, Economic Freedom and more. You want talk programming with substance, and a free market view?  Podcast 105 is your podcast. Download Podcast 106 for part two. Sponsored by Tim Utz for Minnesota House of Representatives in Minnesota House district 41B.

Podcast 104

An update of current news stories from Bob Davis. A single trading exchange for BitCoin fails, and the media says this is the collapse of the popular peer-to-peer transaction media. More on the FCC’s attempt to send the Gestapo into America’s Newsrooms. Are people ignoring the government these days? Piers Morgan is gone and trolls want to take the credit, but maybe his ratings just sucked? Alec Baldwin swears off public life and shockingly complains about liberals he always supported, after he is booted from MSNBC (which also has ratings that suck). Plus why Minneapolis and Saint Paul people are tougher than Detroiters who complain about temperatures in the twenties. Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul.