Podcast 150

The White House outs a CIA Station Chief scuttling President Obama’s effort to defend his foreign policy, provoking yet more questions about his competency. Live from the deck on a beautiful late spring night, The Bob Davis Podcasts updates the stories that matter for your midweek. Concerned about the VA not treating vets from Afghanistan and Iraq? Your blood will really boil when you find out how many highly paid VA employees are working for unions, rather than the vets they’re supposed to be helping, and the taxpayers are footing the bill. Terrorists at GITMO get better medical treatment from military doctors than those waiting in line at the post office, er Amtrak, uh … the VA. The media treats right-wing success in the EU election as the return of Fascism to Europe. What’s the correct perspective? Cheaper Gas prices are heralded as yet another “cure” to a US economy crushed by bad economic and monetary policy.  Oh, this podcast also features the sound of wind in the trees and June bugs. Sponsored by Plan Vision