Podcast 159

Eric Cantor loses his re-election bid to a Tea Party Favorite. Is the Tea Party still relevant? Updates on all the stop stories for the middle of your week. Did Cantor’s stance on Immigration hurt him or was it his moderate politics? Thousands of illegal immigrant teens are crowding into border crossings, and holding facilities in Arizona and Texas. Concerns about disease and criminal behavior abound. President Obama blames it on unrest in Central America but his own Customs officials say its because the parents of these teens know the US is granting Amnesty. Now the White House says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made the decision to exchange 5 Taliban commanders for US Army-deserter Bowe Bergdahl, held captive by terrorists since 2009. So much for ‘The Buck Stops Here’. Poll numbers on the President’s handling of the Bergdahl deal are really bad, especially among veterans. And the VA scandal has convinced more Americans to be concerned that soon citizens might be waiting, and perhaps dying, just the same as Veterans. Meanwhile, over 57 thousand US Veterans are still waiting for medical care from the VA. Finally, concerned about Global Warming? Find out what the latest hazard in Lake Superior is. Sponsored by XGovernment Cars

Podcast 155

The release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was supposed to be a story of a hero’s rescue from captivity in Afghanistan. Since the story broke Sunday afternoon, June 1st 2014 that scenario has been breaking down. Is Bergdahl a deserter? Did the President break the law in making the deal with Taliban through the Government of Qatar? Why did the White House make the deal against the advice of the Senate, and Special Forces? Why was the announcement of Bergdahl’s recovery to troops in theater, by Defense Secretary Hagel, greeted with stony silence? Did the story draw attention away from the Veterans Administration Scandal as well as other problems Obama seems to be struggling with these days? How do you answer these questions? What are the important take-aways from this developing story? Sponsored by Sedation and Implant Dentistry

Podcast 150

The White House outs a CIA Station Chief scuttling President Obama’s effort to defend his foreign policy, provoking yet more questions about his competency. Live from the deck on a beautiful late spring night, The Bob Davis Podcasts updates the stories that matter for your midweek. Concerned about the VA not treating vets from Afghanistan and Iraq? Your blood will really boil when you find out how many highly paid VA employees are working for unions, rather than the vets they’re supposed to be helping, and the taxpayers are footing the bill. Terrorists at GITMO get better medical treatment from military doctors than those waiting in line at the post office, er Amtrak, uh … the VA. The media treats right-wing success in the EU election as the return of Fascism to Europe. What’s the correct perspective? Cheaper Gas prices are heralded as yet another “cure” to a US economy crushed by bad economic and monetary policy.  Oh, this podcast also features the sound of wind in the trees and June bugs. Sponsored by Plan Vision