Real Time 2018 Election Results-Live-Bob Davis Podcast 774

These days election results in real time without BS is a tall order. Experience the results in real time with me in Real Time 2018 Election Results-Live-Bob Davis Podcast 774.

Working America Into A Froth

It’s especially relevant how the media and politicians managed to work most of America into a froth for this election. Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives. Republicans did better than predicted in the Senate. The GOP also managed to surprise in a couple of governor’s races.

How Predictions Stack Up To Results

It’s Most noteworthy how results stacked up to the predictions. I see it this way. Democrats managed to cobble together a few pick ups in house races here and there into a majority. Republicans could have prevented some of these losses. What happened? How could the GOP manage to increase it’s majority in the senate but lose it in the house?

Minnesota Republicans Got The 8th District As Consolation Prize

Moreover for my Minnesota subscribers and listeners, there were major losses for incumbent republicans in the 2nd and 3rd House districts, all the statewide races and the state legislature. The consolation was one of the few republican pick ups in the House is Minnesota’s 8th district.

Blue Wave?

Was it a blue wave? My analysis says no. Democrats won some hard fought victories in key house races to control the house but they failed to win key governor’s races and lost ground in the Senate. More details in Real Time 2018 Election Results-Live-Bob Davis Podcast 774.

Some Outcomes Still Out

I am still waiting on the outcome of key races. Just learning the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has lost his bid for a third term, and waiting for some House races, Senate bids in Arizona and Montana. In coming days there will be plenty of post analysis, celebration and blame to go around.

Hard Drives Humming and Pizza

In conclusion there’s still something about a quiet night at the Broadcast Bunker. Results came from the Internet. The hum of hard drives and processors kept me company.

(Editor’s Note: A late development Monday in Minnesota. Republicans can add another pick up with Jim Hagedorn’s victory in Southern Minnesota’s 1st District. Minnesota republicans managed to lose all the statewide races and the state House of Representatives, making victories in the 8th and 1st even more bittersweet.)

And we had pizza

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Real Time 2018 Election Results-Live-Bob Davis Podcast 774

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