Toss Up House Elections 2018-Part 5-Podcast 757

What kind of a news environment are we in these days? A video of a TV reporter struggling against hurricane winds while people walk calmly behind him has gone viral. ‘Fake Wind’ is the latest example of how media covers ‘news’. Are they off base when it comes to politics? Find out in Toss Up House Elections 2018-Part 5-Podcast 757.

All The Toss Up Races All The Time

At the conclusion of this series I have reviewed specific data for Senate, Governors and House elections considered ‘toss ups’ in 2018. Especially relevant is the question of what actual polling data exists, facts about the district and candidates in each of these elections.

These podcasts include much of what I learned. Now you have the same information I have in Toss Up House Elections 2018-Part 5-Podcast 757.

Final Analysis Coming

I’ll do a final analysis in the next podcast. In addition there will be no predictions. No campaigning for a candidate. I think it is very difficult right now given the facts to make predictions about what will happen on November 6th 2018. That’s why they call them ‘close’ elections. You have to wait and see what the outcome will be.

Tons of Toss Ups All Over The Country

These toss up districts and statewide races are all over the country. There are older and younger people running. Men and Women. There are good democrat and republican candidates and a few libertarians and constitution party folks too. Moreover there are some truly funny characteristics to some of the candidates and situations in these districts.

No ‘Fake Wind’ Here

In conclusion it’s time we had political coverage that doesn’t ‘sell’ conclusions to keep people watching and listening. Coverage that doesn’t try to convince you to vote one way or another. No fake wind.

Finally, guess what every election depends on? Who votes. It’s that simple.

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Toss Up House Elections 2018-Part 5-Podcast 757

Podcast 161

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