Podcast 153

Weekend Update! Revised economic numbers for the 1st quarter do not look good at all. -1 percent economic growth as the US economy goes into contraction for the first time since 2011. Don’t worry though, it’s all because of the cold winter and the economy will bounce back in the 2nd quarter. Really? Or, is it possible the economic policies enacted by a democrat president and congress has led to low, slow, or no growth or even – gasp – recession. How could the smartest man in the world let that happen? The Star Tribune reports that the top democrats in the state are calling for VA Secretary Shinseki’s resignation. The paper waits until the last line to mention that the 2nd District’s Republican Congressman John Kline, and the 6th District’s Michele Bachmann ALSO have called for the secretary to resign. Obama is still ‘investigating’. Google will build its own driverless car, which has no steering wheel or brake. What is the difference between a June Bug and a Cicada? And finally, people who used to be starving are getting fat and the WHO thinks this is a bad thing, and there’s a run on egg whites. You won’t believe why. Sponsored by X Government Cars

Podcast 152

What about ‘The City’? Central planners  use tax dollars to finance light rail, street cars, bike trails, stadiums, apartment buildings and hotels. The goal? A serendipitous experience. Is this a pipe dream? Do people really want to pay 1500 dollars a month for a condo in ‘the city’, so they can have coffee with hipsters? Or do they want a yard, good schools and lower taxes? You might be surprised what some new studies are showing. Things like bike trails, and light rail, paid for with transportation tax dollars move ahead, while repairing roads and bridges languish. What if robotics, driverless cars and delivery trucks, smart phones,  automated offices and other technology obviate the need to be in a big central city? Will all this ‘investment’ recreating the city of 1900 America have been worth it? Sponsored by X Government Cars

Podcast 151

President Obama has been personally ‘stung’ by his foreign policy critics and makes a series of speeches and appearances to ‘address’ those critics directly. Is this a wise political move? What are the top issues in the 2014 election cycle? Do they have anything to do with foreign policy. Are the president’s critics warmongers? Does the criticism have to do with the president’s decision making process and consensus approach to reacting to Syria, Libya, Ukraine and terrorists? When is it appropriate to question the White House conduct of Foreign Policy? If the people of the United States are focused inward, can the president’s economic policies be blamed? What about the rest of the world — becoming concerned about over-capacity and deflation? These are the issues that ought to be on the front burner in the foreign policy debate few people have indicated interest in. Sponsored by Baklund R & D.