Road Trip Summer Travel Adventure In US-Podcast 624

Summer is coming. Peak Road Trip season in the United States. In Road Trip Summer Travel Adventure In US-Podcast 624 we consider some road trip ideas, past and future.

Do You Travel Well?

Travel requires a bit of zen. A ‘let it come’ attitude. Excitable, exacting and difficult people don’t always travel well. There will be delays, bad food, wrong turns and unmet objectives. Those moments are usually when the magic happens. If you can let it happen. You want an objective, but you don’t want to over plan.

Weekend Road Trip or Mega Road Trip?

My preference is for the mega trip. Across the northern United States, down the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles. Down through the mid south all the way around Florida, along the gulf coast, back up through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Iowa to Minnesota. On those long trips you feel like you’re sailing. You forget what ‘home’ is, and let go.

So Much To See

Truth is, there are so many places to see within a day’s reach. All too often those of us who prefer the mega road trip forget the gems just around the corner. State Parks, small towns, little bits of forgotten history.

In The Blood

Most people I know who love long road trips have it in their blood. They remember warming up the wagon in the cold light of dawn in Illinois, or Massachusetts for the big escape to warmer Floria around Christmas time. Rock City, brand new freeways, Stuckey‘s, Travel-all and Howard Johnson’s.

What Is It About Road Trips?

You don’t need much money. Camping or staying in cheap motels. Alone or with friends or family. You see. Pass through. Learn. Butte, Montana. Duluth, Minnesota. Lincoln City, Oregon. Bizbee, Arizona. Mountains. Beaches. Deserted highways in the middle of the night. Everyone who travels comes back with great stories and memories. There’s no right or wrong. No arguing about whether Rapid City is better than Great Falls.


In Road Trip Summer Travel Adventure In US-Podcast 624, just some thought starters for your next trip. Whether you’re pulling a vintage trailer, driving a brand new SUV, rolling in style in some kind of massive motor home or sporting the ten year old Subaru, there’s nothing like the call of the open road.

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Road Trip Summer Travel Adventure In US-Podcast 624



Loved your road trip podcast. I actually was catching up on podcasts during my mini weekend road trip to my home town of Pierre, SD this weekend. For 25 years I’ve taken basically the same route because I just wanted to get there and back as quickly as possible. Today, with a little extra time, I decided to take a different route on the spur of the moment. How ironic that the first podcast I listened to as I got started this morning was this travel podcast. You mentioned that mismatched travelers can ruin a trip and I would agree. Your family trips remind me of ours too. My dad worked nights so we’d load up the station wagon and head out about midnight when Dad was the freshest and get super far on the first day although by suppertime everyone was tired and at each other’s throats. We three kids would all have our noses in books and Dad would encourage us to watch the scenery. We all loved road trips. We’d follow the Twins and the summer vacation would include a couple of away games where the Twins were playing. I am actually commenting because you mentioned a desolate road in Montana. When you go to Sturgis this year, I could encourage you to take SD 34 to Sturgis and compare it to this Montana road. That is the route I came on today back to the Twin Cities but going West River to Sturgis from Pierre there is nothing out there! I’ve taking Hwy 34 West River where there are tumbleweeds crossing the road constantly with the wind. It really felt like the old west. I had never driven Hwy 34 East River until today. If you are inclined to go over on I90 then I’d really encourage you to at least head north to SD Hwy 34 at Chamberlin. That stretch into Pierre follows the Missouri River part of the way. There are a lot of rolling hills and I think the scenery can be quite beautiful. Check out the Oahe Dam outside of Pierre if you have time. Just thought you’d enjoy traveling SD Hwy 34 and would love to hear if you think it beats the Montana Road. Don’t worry about small towns slowing you down….they are few and far between. Hope your summer is filled with great road trips!

Bob Davis

Thank you Julie! I will definitely try RT 34 on my way to Sturgis this year. Can’t wait!!

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