Podcast 175

The News Cycle is boring me. A listener asks, I am tired of being pushed around and I want to run for office. What do I do? So called conservatives are long on outrage but short on basic political skills. How does one run for office? Forget the 2014 cycle, since the filing process, delegate process, conventions and soon the primary will be over. The candidates have been selected and they’re out campaigning. But, how DOES one run for office. I say you have to learn politics from the ground up, FIRST. That means volunteering to drop lit, door knock, work in your local political party office, become a leader by actually doing something for someone else once in awhile. Plus some short updates on the week’s top stories, and of course, the impending doom of the ‘polar vortex’, which will be cooling the upper midwest this week. All while we walk down the rail road tracks on a beautiful summer evening, as the sun sets. Lawn mowers, softball, the dog park, throwing rocks at big metal rails, and those incessant footfalls! Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul