Podcast 96

A snow and ice storm in Atlanta provides a great example of government incompetence juxtaposed against a stage-managed “State of The Union” address from a President struggling to prove competence. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. My final thoughts on the State of the Union and discussion of the disconnect between what people are experiencing in America, how they’re expressing it, versus the perfumed princes and princesses in Washington D.C. Sponsored by Tax Tiger and Incrediwear.

Podcast 95

The State of The Union message is just ahead. Why this President, Congress and perhaps the next several presidents and congresses are powerless to stop sweeping changes wrought by the second industrial revolution. Or, the Age of Aquarius really isn’t about peace, love and understanding. Some random thoughts by the fire on a very cold night in January. Sponsored by Tax Tiger and by Incrediwear.

Podcast 94

Ready for your weekend, live from the Park Tavern Bowing Alley, in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. Where do we go for shelter from the relentless Polar Vortex bearing down on the Upper Midwest? The Bowling Alley. My favorite stories from the week that was, with some ideas to think about this weekend, as you shovel, ice fish, scrape, and try to keep warm…that is unless you’re one of my listeners in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida or any other place in the world besides the frozen tundra of the Great Northwest! Sponsored by Baklund R and D.