Podcast 178

The MH-17 Special Weekend Edition. Data points about what we know so far. How will the downing of a civilian jetliner carrying nearly 300 people effect US Foreign Policy, Military Policy and the Political races in 2014. What do we know for sure right now about the who, what, where, why and when of the situation? Based on this information, how should the United States respond? Whether its shouting matches on Fox Business News, days old video from the crash site, screaming and pounding talk show hosts or bad writing, there’s a lot of bad analysis. Bob Davis breaks down what we know, gives you some pointers about where it leads, and leaves the conclusions to you. Plus already conspiracy theories abound about Flight MH-17. What are they? Where are they coming from, and how are these theories being used as propaganda right now. Make no mistake about it, the downing of MH-17 is a major turning point in history. Is it analogous to the Lusitania? Or KAL 007? How can the lessons of how World War I started be applied today? Are we on the verge of a much more dangerous and deadly conflict? If so, what kinds of weapons might have unexpectedly grave effects here in the United States? Sponsored by Edelweiss Design

Podcast 174

Updating the top stories. It’s all about immigration as President Obama tries to change the subject, from the economy to immigration. As the crisis on the border intensifies into a media circus, its up to voters to decide whether this fourth tier issue in previous political polling for this election cycle, can trump Jobs and The Economy with enough froth from the Bully Pulpit. In this podcast, a citizen from Houston, Texas asks a really good question; What about my neighborhood? What about my kids? Meanwhile, Israel is about to send troops into the West Bank to stop Hamas missile attacks, and both sides blame US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent attempts to ‘force peace’ for the fighting. In Iraq, ‘The Islamic State’, formerly known as ‘ISIL’ or ‘ISIS’ now has ‘nuclear material’, and the remnants of Iraqi chemical munitions. Yet analysts persist in saying ‘The Islamic State’ will be short lived. A new study says there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ voter, and Bob Davis celebrates being vindicated after years of decrying so called ‘moderates’ and useless ‘independents’. Listen and find out why. Finally, the South West Light Rail fight between Saint Louis Park and Minneapolis might be back on, since the dreaded Freight Rail Reroute option is back on the table in the latest ‘agreement’. Sponsored by Sedation and Implant Dentistry of Saint Paul