Collective-Consciousness-Real-Or-Not-Bob Davis Podcast 1074

Is The Collective Consciousness Real Or Not?

Firstly do you think if something bad happens in the world we all feel it? Let’s talk about it in Collective-Consciousness-Real-Or-Not-Bob Davis Podcast 1074.

Secondly is the collective consciousness real?

Conscious Versus Unconscious

Most importantly Carl Jung discovered something he called the Collective UNCONSCIOUS in the early 20th century.

Controversial Discovery

In fact ever since then it’s been controversial.

One Hundred Year Debate

That is to say people have been debating the inner workings of the mind since Jung’s ground breaking discovery.

What Is The Collective Unconscious?

But what’s significant now are proliferating ideas about what the collective unconscious is and exactly what it does. Not to mention the idea that somehow it meant a collective CONSCIOUSNESS which it did not.

Carl Jung

Certainly there are a lot of videos and books about what Jung said.

Or what he ‘meant’.

And many incorrect or blatantly false quotes attributed to Jung.

However there’s no substitute for actually reading Jung.

Psychology Of The Unconscious

Especially his first major book The Psychology Of The Unconscious.

Let’s Say You’ve Been Isolated

Furthermore someone isolated for a few weeks somewhere is unlikely to be aware of anything happens outside of his surroundings despite the so called Collective Consciousness.

Psychic Internet

In short The Collective Unconscious was never a psychic Internet.

And never intended to be taken as such.

Making A Buck With Fairy Tales

Yet a lot of people are making a buck telling people the collective consciousness is in fact a human version of the Internet.

It’s simply a phrase for shared concepts.

Finally the reader might wonder why this is important.


Because of the so called collective we believe things that have never been proven.

In fact, superstitions.

Bad Decisions

That is to say our superstitions can lead us to make bad decisions individually and collectively.

Universal To Humanity

To sum up Carl Jung discovered what might be referred to as a universal human operating system.

Access Is Limited

However by definition we don’t have conscious access to it.

And I am not sure we want to.

Difficult Times

In conclusion we’re living through extraordinary and difficult times.

Thinking Clearly Required

Above all we need to be able to think clearly.

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Collective-Consciousness-Real-Or-Not-Bob Davis Podcast 1074

With-A-Grain-Of-Salt-Bob Davis Podcast 1073

Take It With A Grain Of Salt

Above all take it with a grain of salt. Lots of loose talk on almost every subject these days so let’s address it in With-A-Grain-Of-Salt-Bob Davis Podcast 1073.

Don’t Do This Very Often

Firstly I don’t often delve these deep into current events. Here’s why.

Can’t Ignore

On the other hand sometimes you can’t ignore whats going  on.

Nomads Feel It Too

Even more we nomads feel it too.

Loose Talk About Dangerous Things

Secondly the elephant in the room these days is loose talk about complex and dangerous subjects.

Grain Of Salt

Therefore I have decided to talk about it in With-A-Grain-Of-Salt-Bob Davis Podcast 1073.

But With A Lighter Touch

However my discussion of some subjects that could trigger some is with a lighter and more gauzy approach.

Not Going To Ruin The Vibe

Certainly I am not going to ruin the vibe with a lot of details and ‘positions’.

There’s too much of that.


In the same vein I would imagine the number one source of information in Nomad Land is YouTube.

Not A Lot Of Fact Checking

As a result there’s not a lot of fact checking going on.

Doom Mongers Require Discussion

So when they start telling us about the chances of a nuclear war or a financial meltdown that requires clarification and a little but of discussion.

Difficult Time

Most importantly I don’t think anyone would argue we’re living through one of the most difficult times in the recent past.

Historically Difficult Time

Furthermore it may prove eventually to be one of the most difficult times for everyday people in history.

And yet life goes on.

Take It Lightly

To sum up With-A-Grain-Of-Salt-Bob Davis Podcast 1073 reminds us all to take what people say on social media and in media in general with a grain of salt.

Better Advice

Finally if things become more serious it’s even better advice.

Issues and Nomad Travel Don’t Always Go Together

In short I don’t often talk about issues like these in my nomad travel podcasts.

The Elephant In The Room

But every now and then you can’t ignore the so called elephant in the room.

And this is a pretty big elephant.

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With-A-Grain-Of-Salt-Bob Davis Podcast 1073



Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072

Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072

Firstly back in Quartzsite and it sure feels good. Learn more in Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072.

Summer Travel

Secondly I have been all over the southwest this summer.

Feels Like Home

And Quartzsite feels like home.

No One Here Yet

Furthermore there’s very few snowbirds here right now.

Time and Space

Therefore a lot of time and space for reflection.

Thoughts about Ambition

For example I’ve been thinking about ambition and the drive to succeed.


Or striving.

Nomad World

In fact striving doesn’t work very well in the nomad world.

Type A

Certainly it does not mean a type-A like me is ever going to bag it all and do nothing.


However it means experiences that are available for us all are accessible.

Not Always Pushing

Because I am not pushing for the next objective the same way I used to.

A Lesson

Likewise this is a lesson I think applicable to all walks of life.

The Wanting

In addition I am reminded of a podcast I did awhile back about ‘The Wanting’.

Which is to say our wants sometimes drive us to negative results.

In the same vein I was shocked when a popular ‘sophist’ espoused the very same concept to his Hollywood acolytes!

Must be listening to the podcast!

Hard Work Is Still Important

Most importantly nothing important is achieved without hard work and determination.

Passion and Ambition Can Be Good

Passion and ambition are good things when used properly.

Another Path

However at some point some of us discover another path.

For instance ‘going with the flow’ or listening to an inner voice.

I Am The Last Guy…

Finally you might think I’d be the last person who might embrace these concepts.

The University Of Road and Travel

But it is the road and travel have schooled me.


Even more sometimes those experiences are sublime.

Details in Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072.

Same Guy

To sum up I am still the same driven guy I always was.


On the other hand I’ve learned to put that aside from time to time.

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Back-In-Quartzsite-Bob Davis Podcast 1072