Podcast 285

Summer Sound. With the temperature several degrees below zero, and the snow blowing in the upper midwest, winter has set in. Just staying warm in a streak of sub zero weather can be a challenge physically. Eventually the cold starts to wear people’s spirits down. What can be more uplifting than summer? So, The Bob Davis Podcasts delivers a therapeutic dose of heat, humidity, sun, water, boats, fireworks, thunderstorms and a warm summer rain. Summer in the Upper Midwestern United States is the best in the world. What goes through the mind of a person in a deep freeze? Walking on grass barefoot? Weekends at the lake with friends and family? Boating? White clouds and blue sky? Walking through the forest, or searching through the brush for firewood? What about the sound of screen door? The wind through the trees. A bonfire? Of course the high point of summer is usually the Fourth of July, which means fireworks. Lots of fireworks. It always seems like the fireworks bring the the tornado sirens, thunder and the rain. Winter has its own kind of silent beauty, and Minnesotans know if you get out in it, you start to appreciate it. But, its strange how silent it can be in winter when you think about how loud the bugs actually are, all summer. Whether it is a walk through the short, velvet summer night, or sitting in a city park on a Saturday, the bugs are always present, as well as the birds. And a loon or two. And a barking dog. Sound from summer may depress you, or it may just get you through the tough parts. (Editor’s note: Obviously in putting this together, I listened to it a few times, and my mood is already improved!) A few years ago The Bob Davis Podcasts posted a summer sound podcast, using some older technology. This new summer sound podcast includes mostly new sounds as well as some of the old favorites from summer’s past, and uses newer technology so it sounds better. Get out a pair of headphones, find a chair, or lie down, turn up the volume and be enveloped by your old friend summer. Remember, it’s only five and a half months away! Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul and Depotstar

Podcast 168

A street level live podcast updating top stories. Many people listen to podcasts while driving, so why not do a live podcast from the driver’s seat? Join Bob Davis as he rolls across the metro on his way to the bank. President Obama is in town, eating Juicy Loosey’s and talking about the economy. Despite the president’s taste for Matt’s burgers, restaurants in Minnesota say increases in the minimum wage will cause them to raise prices. In other parts of the country, restaurants and other small businesses are finding ObamaCare to be a particularly sticky wicket when it comes to insuring their employees, versus the cost. The Speaker of The House gets ready to sue the executive branch and a top senator says if Attorney General Holder doesn’t appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the lost Lois Lerner emails, he should be impeached. Now suddenly the EPA seems to have the same problem; losing emails, which allegedly show wrong doing, and that congress seems to be interested in.  Plus, are government agencies that produce the economic numbers cooking the books? Throw in hot yoga, memories of trips to the Dairy Queen and some Somali women, and you’ve got a story to tell!  Sponsored by X Government Cars