Podcast 233

Ebola. “Ebola”, a word that may soon become synonymous with “Government Failure”. Does the US Government’s response to two Dallas health care workers contracting the Ebola virus make you feel more, or less confident in government. Breaking news these days provokes questions on what heavily funded government agencies are doing with our tax dollars … because they sure don’t seem to be protecting us from Ebola. Turns out the second Dallas health care worker to be infected, Amber Vinson, told the CDC she had a slight fever before boarding a flight from Cleveland to Dallas, and the CDC said, ‘Yeah, go ahead’. Turns out the CDC procedures for containing the disease at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas were not only inadequate, according to Doctors Without Borders — the organization most experienced at containing the Ebola Virus — the CDC’s guidelines for containing Ebola are flat out wrong. What is CDC director Friedman’s response? In 20/20 hindsight, we could have done better. Huh? Meanwhile, President Obama’s Ebola conference went well into the evening, and something tells us they weren’t talking about the Phoenix Suns or the Lakers basketball teams. The president wants Governors to know they can call out the national guard, and that the federal government wants to help them. Is it Halloween yet? Because that is a pretty scary thought! Is this making you feel better about the government’s response to Ebola? By the way, suddenly, President Obama thinks appointing an Ebola Czar might be a good idea, and he isn’t philosophically ‘opposed’ to a travel ban, he was just advised not to order one. Wait, is that a bus coming? Because it sure looks like someone will be thrown under it soon. First name that pops up? CDC director Tom Freidmen. Meanwhile people from Ebola stricken countries in West Africa have just been told the President is considering a travel ban. Think they’ll jump on planes to get in before that ban goes into effect? Let’s get real; The President could order a travel ban instantly, with no warning, and he only needs his phone, not even the pen. Kenya and Nigeria, instituted travel bans weeks ago and credit those bans with saving their countries from infection, but somehow its not a good idea for the US. Meanwhile the CDC gets 7 Billion dollars a year from American taxpayers and at least 200 million from private donors in the Atlanta area. The agency spends millions trying to get states to pass mandatory motorcycle helmet laws, monitoring video game and TV ‘violence’, creating so called ‘injury centers’ that regulate – wait for it – playground equipment, lobbying for gun control efforts, and pushing ‘social norming’ in government schools. But, apparently not fighting Ebola or Enterovirus D68. Houston, we have a problem. Our government doesn’t work very well and its costing Americans an arm and a leg. What do we need to do to fix this mess and get the government out of people’s personal lives, and back to doing what it is constitutionally mandated to do. Sponsored by Sedation and Implant Dentistry of Saint Paul

Podcast 193

Robin Williams dead at 63. Updates on all the major stories for the week ahead. IBM has developed a ‘supercomputer on a chip’ that will be able to function like a human brain. As developments like this continue, what will the future look like for when we work, how we work, how we get paid, and how we consume. How’s your economy doing? Only 48 percent of Americans could lay their hands on four hundred dollars in cash, for an emergency! A third simply could not get ‘that much’. Meanwhile, investigations into waste, fraud and corruption in the US Federal Government are being thwarted, and an award winning ‘tele-work’ program at the US Patent office is rife with fraud; People who work for you — sorry…the ‘Government’ — working far fewer hours than they’re reporting and getting paid for. Wonder where the money is going? The big story; The airstrikes against the Islamic State heavy weapons engaging Iraqi Kurdistan. How are partisan political forces in the US reacting to the strikes, as Iraq begins to descend into chaos. What’s the takeaway? What politician is filling the void? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Hillary Rodham Clinton, the clearest voice in Foreign Policy this week. The coldest summer since 2004 may turn into a hot September. Remember Radio Shack? It may be a thing of the past (even though some people think it already is … of course it has ‘radio’ in its name) by Christmas. Finally, a comedian, a genius and a great dramatic actor, Robin Williams was found dead in his house Monday morning. A big loss. Sponsored by X Government Cars.

Podcast 168

A street level live podcast updating top stories. Many people listen to podcasts while driving, so why not do a live podcast from the driver’s seat? Join Bob Davis as he rolls across the metro on his way to the bank. President Obama is in town, eating Juicy Loosey’s and talking about the economy. Despite the president’s taste for Matt’s burgers, restaurants in Minnesota say increases in the minimum wage will cause them to raise prices. In other parts of the country, restaurants and other small businesses are finding ObamaCare to be a particularly sticky wicket when it comes to insuring their employees, versus the cost. The Speaker of The House gets ready to sue the executive branch and a top senator says if Attorney General Holder doesn’t appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the lost Lois Lerner emails, he should be impeached. Now suddenly the EPA seems to have the same problem; losing emails, which allegedly show wrong doing, and that congress seems to be interested in.  Plus, are government agencies that produce the economic numbers cooking the books? Throw in hot yoga, memories of trips to the Dairy Queen and some Somali women, and you’ve got a story to tell!  Sponsored by X Government Cars