Road To Character-Principle Free Politics In America-Podcast 705

These days the scolds are telling us how to live. What to do. Put down the hand held device. Give up screen time. So called conservatives especially stake out the moral high ground. Problem is there don’t seem to be any principles when it comes to politics. We’ll talk about it in Road To Character-Principle Free Politics In America-Podcast 705.

Sacrifice For The Greater Good

If we can just sacrifice for the greater good. Devote our lives to something bigger than ourselves. Become more passionate and purposeful about that purpose. Right?

The Greatest Generation

What’s more, the World War 2 generation can always be trotted out as an example of virtue. Just think how much better the world would be if those distracted millennials and super liberal generate Z people would emulate the “Greatest Generation”.

It’s The Millennials Right?

Truth is the world is changing fast. We’re at the dawn of a fast moving wall of change. Moreover demanding people act a certain way may not be the right idea. In Road To Character-Principle Free Politics In America-Podcast 705.

Principle Free Politics

Welcome to the seedy underbelly of politics. Moralists on both sides tell everyone else how to act while they ignore basic principles. Yeah sure, democrats have been doing this for years. Now republicans are becoming champions at principle free politics. Looks to me like one big mob.

Character Is Someone Else’s Problem

Get the guns and deal with due process later. A 25 cent per gallon gas tax increase. Trade protection. Spend and spend. Pile on national debt. President for life sounds like a good idea. What to do when a republican president promotes ideas directly opposed to republican ideals? Defend him. Go figure.

Principles Or Power?

In conclusion, given the fast pace of change in the world what troubles me isn’t character, it’s the lack of principle in the political party that controls all three branches of government.

In the near future the Technology Revolution will challenge us all. If all anyone wants to do is tear the old world down we’re in for a rough ride.

As far as I’m concerned there’s only one principle that matters these days. Individual Freedom.

Do republicans care about liberty anymore? Or do they just want power.

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Road To Character-Principle Free Politics In America-Podcast 705



The “. . .average conservative citizens of Tennessee are supposed to go. . . to the Republican primary and vote for the most conservative candidate wherever possible. When less than 10% of the electorate showed up in January to vote in the 14th Senatorial Dist. Republican Primary the results can”t be blamed on the Republican leadership, as centrist/tepid conservative as they are, rather it”s the fault of conservatives who all too often simply fail to show up. Another opportunity for conservatives may be on the horizon. One of the Republican legislators you referred to as sponsoring in-state tuition for illegals is Rep. Mark White out of Memphis. He is up for re-election this year and filing deadline is April 5th. Let”s see if he has a primary opponent and “deep dive into the credentials of any opponent that files. Conservatives may have another opportunity to get rid of at least one Republican who acts like a Democrat regarding a very important issue.

Bob Davis

I don’t think I referred to any legislators in Tennessee as sponsoring in state tuition for illegals. I would appreciate an actual thought from correspondents, rather than quotes pasted in. Try again.

[…] Administration officials talk trade protection and a weak dollar. So called conservatives add trillions of dollars in debt to pay for tax cuts. There’s talk about increasing taxes on gas and diesel and spending hundreds of billions more on building bridges and roads. There’s talk of US involvement in war in Syria and on the Korean peninsula. These are republicans? […]

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